Photo by West Coast Helicopters


The BC Aviation Council Board and Staff are supported by Committees of Volunteers who provide great value to our members and make meaningful contributions to aviation and aerospace across the Province. Most of the Council’s work is done at the Committee level. Membership is open to all.

Air OperatorsDave Nowzek, Chair
AirportsJames Hall, Chair
Awards/Scholarships — Michael Dery, Chair
Communications — Restructuring
Conference —Lars Olssen, Chair
Endowment — Mark Duncan, Chair
EventsDave Frank, Acting Chair
Finance and Investment — Jack Lazareff, Chair
GovernanceSteve Michoulas, Chair
LeadershipBrant Arnold-Smith, Chair
MembershipLaura Mortensen, Chair
Silver Wings Awards Celebration — Harvie Buitelaar, Chair
Youth EngagementKelly Jamieson, Chair

To learn more about our Committees or to get involved, please contact any of the board members above. We’d love to hear from you.

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