Nomination for Aviation Entrepreneur of the Year

The BCAC Aviation Entrepreneur of the Year Award is presented annually to a leading air industry individual or organization that advances aviation in BC through innovative product development, new business ventures, cost saving initiatives, creating new markets and contributing to the overall improvement and leadership of the air transportation network within BC.

Basic Criteria – The nominee must show creative leadership, deliver innovative product development, create new markets or services, or promote new cost saving solutions or revenue streams that advances BC Aviation industry. Preference will be given to those nominations that are consistent with the objectives of the British Columbia Aviation Council.

  1. Any BCAC Member in good standing may submit a nomination.
  2. The nominee need not be a member of BCAC.
  3. The BCAC Awards Committee will select the winner from among those nominated, or postpone the award if no suitable nominations are received.
  4. The winner will be presented with the trophy at the BCAC Silver Wings Awards Banquet.

    I am:

    Hereby Nominate:

    Nominator must attach a narrative explanation and details of the achievements and qualifications of the nominee for the award. Attachments can be in doc, docx, txt, or pdf format. Please limit your attachments to 5MG or less.

    Note: Nomination should be returned to the BCAC office no later than August 31st. *Only persons or organizations that are members of the BC Aviation Council may submit a nomination; the nominee, however, need not be a BCAC member.

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