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Support the Future of Aviation and Aerospace in British Columbia

Support the next generation of British Columbia’s aviation and aerospace leaders by making a tax deductible donation to the BCAC General Scholarship Endowment Fund, Individual Scholarships, or BCAC’s Annual Programming – the choice is yours! Your help allows us to do what we do best.

The BCAC administers the largest aviation and aerospace scholarship program in Canada. We advocate for our industry with municipal/regional/provincial governments and regulatory bodies. We educate and facilitate communication between industry leaders, stakeholders, supporters as well as educational institutions in BC that provide training and experience to hard-working aviation and aerospace students. We recognize the essential service and intrinsic value that the aviation and aerospace industry provides to their communities and to the province of BC.

Photo/Ashley Egroff (Harbour Air AME Scholarship & Internship #2 Winner 2023)

Support BCAC’s Annual Programming

Since 1938, the BCAC has created and actively administered a number of ongoing programs and initiatives. For example, our very popular Youth Engagement Initiative includes the BCAC Mentorship Program, the Speaker’s Bureau, monthly “Hangar Hangout” events, a Youth Learning Webinar Series, and the BCAC’s Youth Engagement Committee e-newsletter, “Blue Skies and Beyond”.

We also support our Membership in various ways, including:

  • Publishing the “Frequent Flyer” eNewsletter (including a spotlight “Corporate Profile” article for participating Members).
  • Soliciting and establishing Member Benefits including favourable year-round rates with our Travel and Hotel Partners.
  • Hosting and maintaining an Event Calendar.
  • Hosting and maintaining an Industry Job Board.
  • Maintaining Social Media Channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, and Threads.
  • Providing information and educational resources via our website about industry developments and current issues, i.e. Sustainability.
  • We also hold two annual flagship fundraising events – the “Silver Wings Industry Awards and Scholarships Celebration” and our Annual Spring Conference.

Support Individual Scholarships

The Mary Swain Memorial Scholarship Fund This scholarship fund encourages a much needed increase in the number of women undertaking careers in aviation or aerospace. (Learn More (PDF)Mary Swain Eulogy (PDF))

The John and Michelle Ward Memorial Scholarship Fund This fund supports Students pursuing their Commercial Pilots License (CPL). The cost of obtaining a CPL often exceeds $85,000. Less than ten percent of this is covered by the student aid program. It is an important goal of the BCAC to change the BC Student Aid program so that it reflects the true cost of obtaining a CPL (like Alberta does).

The Lynne Denison Foster BCIT Aviation and Aerospace Scholarship Fund This scholarship fund supports aviation and aerospace Students conducting their studies at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

The Francois Leh Flight Instructor Training Scholarship Fund Created in 2021 and promoted by Colette Morin of Glacier Air Flight School, this fund supports the training of the next generation of Flight Instructors at any Transport Canada Certified BC Flight Training School.

Visit our Scholarship Applications webpage for a complete list of current scholarships.

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Support the General Scholarship Fund

The BCAC Scholarship/Endowment Fund finances a number of aviation and aerospace scholarships through investment returns. However, with the current rate of returns, the funds that the endowment generates for these important cash awards is constrained. Consequently, the BCAC is actively seeking to supplement our endowment with additional donations. Help us keep these scholarships alive! They’re an important part of the solution to our industry’s human resources crisis.

(Photo/Kim Bellavance)

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