Andres Estepa, 2023

Industry Interaction

As part of the research conducted to learn more about how the industry is currently dealing with the shortage of staff, some team members conducted short interviews with employees from various companies. Thank you very much to those who took time out of their busy schedules to help the team out!

Fiona Cochrane, Manager of Human Resources for the McLean Group

The McLean Group operates four companies: Blackcomb Helicopters, MCG Aviation, Alpx Expeditions, and Tyax Adventures. Fiona is responsible for the day-to-day activities of Human Resources for all McLean Group entities, including recruitment, onboarding, employee relations and all other employee-related issues. Prior to joining the McLean Group, Fiona worked for the Cactus Club Group as HR Administrator and HR Coordinator. Fiona completed her HR training at BCIT and is in the process of completing her Bachelor of Business Administration. She is currently a candidate for her Certified Professional HR designation.

This interview focuses primarily on the Blackcomb Helicopters’ attraction and retention strategies. To view the full interview please use the link below.

Blackcomb Helicopters’ Attraction and Retention Techniques with Fiona Cochrane

Nav Canada’s Air Traffic Control and Flight Service Specialist Hiring and Training Programs

The interview was conducted with an employee from Nav Canada, who wishes to remain anonymous. It explains how Nav Canada’s program is similar to a cadet program and why it is enticing for applicants.

Nav Canada’s Air Traffic Control and Flight Service Specialist Hiring and Training Program

Souren Pourmalek, General Manager of ABCoast Aviation Services

The following interview revealed the company’s staffing, diversity initiatives, mental health support, and strategies for addressing potential challenges.

ABCoast Aviation Services is a company based at the Vancouver International Airport. It provides many services to the terminal including security escorts, cleaning services, passenger flow management, baggage hall services, including monitoring the system and addressing jams in the baggage hall, along with the international and domestic carousels.

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Staffing & Operational Strategies with Souren Pourmalek

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