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Industry Awards


Nominations for BCAC Industry Awards can be submitted year round but must be in to our office no later than September 17th in order to be considered for the calendar year. Awards will be presented at the annual Silver Wings Awards event in October at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Complete the nomination form(s) below and recognize excellence in BC aviation and aerospace talent. We live in the best province and have some exceptional aviators so please nominate them for recognition by their peers.

CLICK HERE to see award winners from 1961 to the present!

Aviation Entrepreneur of the Year

This BCAC trophy is awarded annually to a leading air industry individual or organization that advances aviation in BC through innovative product development, new business ventures, cost saving initiatives, creating new markets and contributing to the overall improvement and leadership of the air transportation network within BC. Submit a nomination.

William Templeton Award

Awarded annually for outstanding initiative and achievement in the successful development of a public airport, heliport or floatplane landing facility by an individual, association, municipal government or company. Submit a nomination   Learn more

BCAC Environmental Award

The environmental award is presented annually within the aviation industry of BC for an outstanding environmental initiative, program, or accomplishment in one or more areas of protection, rejuvenation and awareness. Submit a nomination.

Robert S. Day Trophy

Awarded annually in recognition of outstanding excellence, contribution and leadership of an individual or organization for the promotion and development of aviation in British Columbia, in keeping with the objectives of the BCAC. The individual or organization is to be BC based with a recognizable contribution to BC. Submit a nomination.   Learn more

Back and Bevington Air Safety Award

Awarded annually for the most significant contribution to Air Safety in the Province of British Columbia. Submit a nomination.   Learn more

Robert Hope Pursuit Of Excellence Award

Presented annually in recognition of outstanding contribution to the Aviation and Aerospace Industry in the field of Aircraft Maintenance. Reflects dedication as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with an underlying adherence to safety, the advancement of aviation and aerospace, the dignity of the profession and the constant striving for the pursuit of excellence. Given on behalf of all Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and guided by the objectives of the Pacific AME Association in memory of Robert Hope AME. Submit a nomination.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is presented in recognition of outstanding leadership, promotion and consistent contribution to the continuous development of aviation and aerospace in the Province of British Columbia with accomplishments that will stand the test of time. Submit a nomination.




The BCAC is actively seeking to supplement our endowment with additional donations in support of the next generation of aviation and aerospace leaders. By making a donation to the Scholarship Awards and other BCAC programs, like the Industry Awards, you can help ensure a vibrant future for our industry. Donations can be made online via our secure form (a tax receipt is issued for all donations by individuals over $20).

You can donate to BCAC programs generally, the main scholarship endowment, or specific scholarships.

Also support these programs by attending the annual Silver Wings Industry and Scholarship Awards Celebration in the Fall of each year, and participating in our twice annual online auction, licensed travel raffle and 50/50 lottery.

Please give until you feel good that your donation will make it easier for students to fulfill their dreams of a career in aviation. Your support of the BCAC’s education, training and other initiatives is greatly appreciated.

Silver Wings Scholarship Winners 2022

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