Kelowna International Airport takes part in national safety week

Sep 23, 2023

YLW FOD Walk 2023 (Photo/YLW)

Led by the Canadian Airports Council the focus was on passenger and employee safety.

Airports from coast to coast, including Kelowna International Airport (YLW) have been participating in Airports Safety Week 2023. Led by the Canadian Airports Council (CAC), the focus was on passenger and employee safety.

“Safety is at the core of our operations at YLW,” said Sam Samaddar, CEO. “Airport Safety Week brings the entire campus together; it shows collaboration of all operators here at YLW to ensure safety at the airport.”

YLW FOD Walk 2023 (Photo/YLW)

During the event, which ran from Sep. 18 to 22, YLW participated in a series of presentations and discussions covering a wide range of safety themes, including Airside Safety, Worker Safety, Security Safety, Hazard Reporting, Psychological Safety, Environmental Safety, Foreign Object Debris (FOD), and the #NotInMyCity Campaign. These sessions aimed to educate and engage airport staff on various safety aspects critical to their roles. One of the highlights was the FOD walk. Airport staff walked the apron, identifying and removing any debris that could potentially pose safety risks to aircraft and personnel. Multiple FOD checks are completed throughout the operational day by airport staff to ensure the runway and aprons remain clear for arriving and departing aircraft.

YLW FOD Walk 2023 (Photo/YLW)

Safety is a shared responsibility, and Canadian Airports Safety Week exemplifies the dedication of Canadian airports to creating a safe and secure environment for all. By fostering a culture of safety and continuous improvement, Canadian Airports aim to ensure that everyone is safe.

For more information about Canadian Airports Safety Week visit the CAC website.

(Source: Kelowna Capital News, Gary Barnes, with files from YLW News & Events, Photo/YLW)


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