BC Aviation Council and Harbour Air Seaplanes Announce Advanced Seaplane Pilot Training Award for Annual Silver Wings Awards

Mar 24, 2017

‘An aviation and aerospace industry that is visible, connected and thriving’

The British Columbia Aviation Council (BCAC) is pleased to announce that Harbour Air Seaplanes has established a two-year annual sponsorship for advanced seaplane training aimed at entry level commercial pilots.

The award will be presented annually to a deserving British Columbia pilot who has completed a minimum of 150 hours of flight training toward a Commercial Pilot Licence or has completed a Commercial Pilot Licence and is committed to pursuing a career as a commercial seaplane pilot.

The award will offer approximately 50 hours of advance seaplane training leading to the endorsement and qualifications required to become a commercial seaplane pilot. The flight training for this scholarship (valued at approximately $30,000 dollars) will be provided and financed by Harbour Air Seaplanes through their International Seaplane Training School.

The need for well-trained aviation specialists has never been greater. The cost and complexity of modern aviation is on the rise and we need new students to enter the field as well as invest in constant training upgrades for current professionals to meet requirements. BCAC’s Scholarship program has strengthened year over year and this specialized training scholarship established by Harbour Air is a leading example of the BC Aviation Industry’s commitment to advanced training and safety.

Heather Bell, Chair of BCAC, thanked Harbour Air for the investment in future pilots. “This is a great step in expanding our corporate award offering and this is the first BCAC award aimed at seaplane professionals, said Bell.

Harbour Air Seaplanes is pleased to invest in the future of pilots and praised BCAC for managing such corporate awards and endowment funds through its Finance and Audit Committee, as well as its Awards Committee. “We all need to work together to ensure we have the qualified aviation personnel for the industry’s future.”

About Harbour Air Seaplanes

Founded more than three decades ago by current CEO Greg McDougall, Harbour Air is North America’s largest seaplane airline, flying more than 425,000 passengers annually. It has become an important addition to the Lower Mainland’s transportation infrastructure and is a major contributor to B.C.’s tourism industry. The airline’s model is now being exported to other markets, including China, through Harbour Air International Consulting.

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About the British Columbia Aviation Council

The British Columbia Aviation Council, established in 1938, is a member-driven organization that represents and promotes the shared interests of the aviation community. It is a charitable society established under the Society Act and annually awards scholarships to students pursuing careers in aviation and aerospace. Our vision is an aviation and aerospace industry that is visible, connected, and thriving.

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