Announcing the 2021 BCAC Speakers Bureau!

BCAC’s Speakers Bureau is now live!


Welcome to the Youth Engagement Committee’s outreach initiative – the BCAC Speakers Bureau.  The Youth Engagement Committee’s mission is to introduce, inspire, and mentor new-comers to the aviation industry.  This initiative is our invitation to young people to come and explore our world.  As passionate aviation and aerospace enthusiasts, we want to share out love for the industry with the young people in our communities, and show case the many amazing career paths available within our industry. The Speakers Bureau is an opportunity to connect our passionate aviation leaders with the next generation of potential aviation leaders and plan the seeds of inspiration and possibility


Why get one of our speakers for your events?

  • Our speakers are dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced in the aviation industry
  • We connect with the next generation of potential aviation leaders
  • We encourage youth in these challenging times to remain positive, engaged and supported 
  • We do not charge to attend events, although donations are welcome 



How it works

Step 1. Simply fill in the application from the link below to request a speaker for your event. This includes career fairs, school events, industry forums, conferences – or any other event that would be interested.  We are available virtually and in person.

Step 2. We will customize our group to meet your request. 

Step 3. We will contact you once we have received your request.  


Application for an Aviation Speaker Request:



Now accepting applications to request one or more speakers for your event.

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