Blue Skies Ahead: Lynne Denison Foster – BCAC Lifetime Achievement Award Winner in 2012

Jun 24, 2017

Written by, Nadine Wolitski

It was Lynne’s father, John, who inspired her to start a career in aviation.  John Denison first arrived in Yellowknife in 1947 as an RCMP officer.  Later, he started working for a trucking firm named Byers Transport where he was the Operations Manager.  Eventually the company was bought by Pacific Western Airlines and known as Pacific Western Trucking.  It was during this time that John built the first ice road in Canada, and because of his expertise and many experiences, became known as the original ‘Ice Road Trucker’.  It was this expertise that also made him the subject of the book ‘Denison’s Ice Road’ by Edith Iglauer.  Because of his outstanding achievement, dedication to the community, and services to the nation, in October 1998 he was bestowed the ‘Order of Canada’ by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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