New air charter company offers lower cost flights out of Delta airport

Nov 24, 2019

Photo: Provided by Air West Charters

Richmondites now have a new option for flights to B.C. or Alberta cities. Air West Charters, which flies out of Delta’s Boundary Bay Airport, began offering chartered flights in June.

The airline operates a 6-passenger plane known as the King Air 90, which has lower operating costs than other chartered jets. This, along with flying slower than other jets, means passengers will pay less.

“Essentially, we can offer passengers the ability to save thousands of dollars in exchange for it costing them a moderate amount of extra time in the air,” said the airline’s Chief Pilot, Mark Watkins.

The company, however, wouldn’t disclose what airfares cost, but did say flights typically cost thousands rather than hundreds. But, said Watkins, Air West offers flights for approximately 40 to 50 per cent of what jet aircraft charters charge. The planes flown by Air West have a range of 600 nautical miles (approximately 1,100 kilometres).

The company currently flies to more than 80 airports across B.C. and Alberta, and is planning on offering flights to U.S. cities – such as Seattle, Portland or Great Falls, Montana – in early 2020. Because the aircraft is capable of landing on shorter runways, according to Watkins, it is able to access a much greater number of airports than many other jet charter aircraft.

“That also helps reduce travel times because passengers can get closer to their intended destination without having to rely on ground transportation as much,” said Watkins.

Boundary Bay Airport is located around seven kilometres south of the Massey Tunnel, and, due to its smaller size, allows for easier and faster boarding. According to Air West, passengers will be in the air within 20 minutes of arriving at the airport.

(News Source: Richmond News)