Transportation Safety Board investigates fatal helicopter crash on B.C.’s North Coast

posted 12 days ago.

Fatally injured pilot was sole occupant of November 9th crash in remote area near Kitsault, B.C., board says

The Transportation Safety Board says it’s sending an investigator to the remote site of a helicopter crash that killed one person along the North Coast of British Columbia. The board says the Geotech Aviation commercial helicopter was conducting survey operations near Kitsault, B.C., between Prince Rupert and Stewart, when it crashed.

It says military aircraft and search and rescue technicians found the fatally injured pilot, who was the sole occupant on board. There was no fire after the collision but the aircraft was destroyed.

The board says the crash happened more than a week ago, on Nov. 9, but the site is difficult to access and a recovery team was being coordinated Friday. It says it’s too early to say what caused the crash, but the investigator will consider the wreckage, equipment, weather conditions, maintenance history and operation of the aircraft.

Investigations by the board seek to improve transportation safety and do not assign fault or determine civil or criminal liability.

Geotech Aviation confirmed one of its helicopters was involved in the crash, which occurred about 100 kilometres north of Terrace.

“All of us here are deeply saddened by this tragedy and our thoughts and prayers go out to the pilot’s family and friends,” the company said in an emailed statement.

(Source: CBC News – Canadian Press)