Tuxada Island Aerospace Camp for Youth

Apr 3, 2019

Small British Columbia Texada Island community has developed an Aerospace camp for youth.

This is just what the industry needs, wish there were more airport communities that could work together with industry and youth.

AeroSpace Camp has been in operation since 2009, and has grown from a very small and simple activity into a program with a formidable inventory of basic training aids and in wide range of subjects. Both theoretical and practical aspects are explored for helping kids to understand aerodynamics and aerospace sciences. Up to 26 youth can be engaged at the Camp. 

The four-day program has been well attended over the past ten years. 

In fact, one graduates from the first camp has just declared he is finishing his engineering degree, and then applying for training and qualifying with the Canadian Space Agency for astronaut training.  The yearly Fly-In is also an instrumental part of their promotional campaign with over 70 aircraft. 

Both the four-day camp and a one day “quickie” experiences are offered, with kids from schools and the Air Cadets visiting the hangar to experience the flight simulator (X-Plane 9).