BCAC’s Chick Cruise

Jan 18, 2010

Hello all:
Pat Kennedy and I are conspiring to start a new British Columbia Aviation Council tradition – Women in aviation cruise get-aways!  Alright, men can come too but only if they act as our Sherpa.
We have identified a cruise on Holland America’s MS STATENDAM as a perfect fit for an inaugural event. Departs May 12, San Diego, CA to Vancouver, BC (4 days).
Pat has identified a discount site that offers the following prices for the cruise: 
Interior 299, Ocean view – 349 and verandah and deluxe verandah for 549.  We are also trying to see if Holland America will give us a BCAC price that betters the discount prices.
You would also have to arrange and pay for one-way airfare to San Diego.  The cruise fares include all meals and entertainment and are based on double occupancy  – so we need to come up with an even number of takers.
Please let us know if you’re “in” on the adventure and please feel free to share this information with other women in aviation!
Sandra Stoddart-Hansen        OR      Pat Kennedy
Vice Chair, BCAC                            patkennedy@pacificflying.com