Company Aviation Safety Officer Course – Richmond

Feb 1, 2010

Location:     Quality Hotel Airport South
                         7228 Westminster Hwy.
                         Richmond, BC

Cost:  $495 plus GST
This course is designed for operations managers, safety officers and safety managers.  It will cover:

• safety philosophy;
• human factors and the decision making process;
• risk management;
• accident / incident management, investigation and prevention

It meets the requirements of CAR’s 723.07 and will give you a thorough understanding of how to manage the various aspects of an SMS.

Your Instructor:  Gerry Binnema

Gerry is a former accident investigator and TC safety officer.  He has a Masters degree in safety management and has studied human factors extensively.  He is both a pilot and an AME and has a wide range of experience in the aviation industry to draw from.  Expect an interesting, engaging and fun learning experience.

To Register:
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